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Luke (b. 2000) was the victim of the You Banged My SISTER?! animated prank, released on December 27, 2020.


Luke had a one-night-stand with a girl named Brooklyn, whom he met at a club. After that night, he gave her a fake phone number so she could never contact him again. Luke's friend Anwar requested the prank.


Tyrone called Luke as Brooklyn's brother. Tyrone initially pretended to be a UPS delivery driver, but quickly switched to threatening Luke for dumping Brooklyn. Tyrone then accused Luke of ghosting Brooklyn, but he denied it and said she was a nice girl. Luke then stated he was confused as to why Tyrone was his UPS driver and wanted to go to his apartment. Tyrone then stated that Brooklyn claimed Luke wanted to get married to her, but Luke denies it.

Tyrone then told Luke that he got Brooklyn pregnant, much to his horror. After Luke confirms that Tyrone said that, he hung up.

When Tyrone called back, Luke said he could not have gotten her pregnant because their interaction had occurred 3 months prior. Tyrone then stated that she was 12 weeks pregnant, so Luke asked him what he was delivering, and hung up when Tyrone replied that he was delivering an "ass-whooping".

Russell then calls using the South Tower concierge's number on the caller ID. He tells Luke that he got an appliance delivery and sent the deliveryman up the elevator and he would be arriving at his apartment. Luke told Russell that they were supposed to call him before sending anyone to his apartment as sending random people would be a safety hazard. Luke then orders Russell to have a security team sent to his apartment and to call the police before hanging up.

Tyrone then calls, asking him if they could handle it like men. The animation depicts Tyrone knocking on random doors whilst Luke says he has called security and has his lawyer on speed-dial.

Russell then calls back, and Luke vents his stress, saying his parents were with him (the animation also depicts his door having numerous locks on it). Russell says they tackled Tyrone and asked him if he was sure that Tyrone was a stalker. The animation depicted Tyrone yelling into the phone that Luke got Brooklyn pregnant as he is being dragged by security guards. Luke got embarrassed because he knew other people in the apartment and did not want them to think that he got a girl pregnant. Russell then reveals that Anwar set up the prank, much to Luke's relief.


  • Luke revealed in the prank that he had "just turned 20". He is also depicted in the animation as living in the south tower of an apartment complex called "Mayfair Luxury Residences".